Keep Being Who You Are…

Earlier this evening, I was listening to Pastor David Jeremiah or the other guy that comes on just before him (on the radio while driving from work).  He mentioned that sometimes people get offended, annoyed when hearing God’s word spoken–especially when the person knows h/she is living a life contrary to the spiritual teachings.  However, it was noted that these same individuals may very well hear/see God’s word enough to allow the Word to change them positively, freeing them from situations and/or people that may cause them some form of hurt, shame.

Upon hearing this, I thought about a few instances in my own life when people became “upset” or distant because I chose/choose to live for the Lord.  It seemed to anger them that I would not sway to their agenda.  For example, that attractive yet promiscuous young lady became upset with me because I would not break and pursue her sexually as sooooooooo many others had; she felt “hurt” by me.

Another example is my aunt–some years ago–became “upset” with me because I mentioned the Lord during a casual conversation.  She wanted to know (angrily), “Why do you have to put God in everything?”

Now in my mid-40s, I can tell you that I am who I am.  I love the Lord, and this love of Him helps me to love all of them–those who are offended easily, those who need constant validation, those who seem to hate the light of Love, and all of those who cringe (or worse) when they hear Yahweh, Yeshua, Jesus, God.  I’ve learned to just be who I am.

It’s often difficult actually being who you are because the world stresses being anything and/or anyone other than YOURSELF.  It seems as though more than a few desire representations of themselves even to themselves (Get it?).

If I recall, it was Shakespeare that wrote (paraphrased) All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.  I was tired of acting even before I ever tried; it’s just easier being ME.  Moreover, I’m tired of people playing church, playing politics, and playing the victim.

Life becomes simpler when we stop playing up to people, situations, and systems.  In other words, it’s FREEING to be who/what you are meant AND designed by God to be.

I encourage you to be YOU.  Be true to you.  Be true to God, for God is always TRUE (Faithful and True) to you.

In the name of Yeshua (Jesus), Amen.

Oh! And by the way…if you desire to know who YOU ARE in Christ, here you go:

Image result for be who you are



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