The Year (2017) RESOLVED: Old things are passed away…

It amazes me the number of “resolutions” made each year concerning plans/goals for the upcoming calendar year.  Calendar year.  Calendar year. Calendar year.  Here’s a question: Does God require the conclusion of a calendar year to MOve you toward the plans/goals He’s set for your life? Huhhhhh…hmmmmm? Does He?

God’s Word–to get straight to the point–tells us:

If you’ve noticed, there is no indication of time (cuando) concerning this scripture; the moment you GIVE Christ your heart, mind, and soul is the moment the CHANGE occurs.

I am CELEBRATING the NEW YOU, whenever it occurs on the calendar.

The Bible tells us (Luke 15:10),


So, know that THE MOST rewarding resolution you can make that “cleans the slate” of your life and provides complete atonement (Yom Kippur) is choosing to BE IN CHRIST–no matter what day of the year, month, or week it takes place.

Happy NEW YOU, in Jesus’ name! Amen!!!!

Now, go into 2018 BOLDLY!!!



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