Don’t Get Comfortable! It’s Easy to Go Back to Bad Behaviors.

Brothers and Sisters, talk to God. Even when things are seemingly well and all is in your favor, talk to God. Keep fighting to avoid the same traps that tripped you up in the past! Don’t get comfortable thinking that you’ve made it and that you’ve overcome all obstacles. It’s a trick of the enemy. There’s more work to complete, more levels to reach, more souls to save in Jesus’ name.



  1. So true. I’m really learning to stay focused on God and be in communication with Him consistently. I find that when I get distracted, even for a moment, I get thrown off track and it’s uncomfortable! Staying close to Jesus and focused. Something I’ll have to remind myself to do and pray for redirection when I slip.

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    1. We ALL face those distractions you mentioned. I truly understand what you’re saying about constant prayer to and communication with God. If we don’t pray to Him and communicate HONESTLY, we not only increase our chances of slipping but we also open ourselves up to condemnation–which is not of God–when we find that we did slip. Thank God for GRACE! Young sister, it is because of His grace that you and I are able to stand as witnesses to God’s goodness, even though we are “perfectly imperfect.” 😁


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