The Prayers People Pray…

(…God’s Will or Their Own Will?)

We often pray and even allow others to pray for us out of pure emotion WITHOUT seeking God’s will. The problem with this is that we can often end up agreeing to prayers that God may not support nor answer. Why? Because It’s not His will. God desires us to align with His Word. When we do, we understand the significance of praying His Word and–more significantly–allowing Him to RULE our lives, including our will. Pray His will!!



      1. It hasn’t always been this way, Rae. God had to mature me. I was a very arrogant, wild, foolish young man before. I did not realize the blessings I had. God literally broke me down and rebuilt me. Trust me when I tell you the process hasn’t been the most comfortable, but it’s so beautiful in retrospect. And the current benefits of having gone through (and still going through) the process are AWESOME. The heart and the wisdom you referenced are the result of God doing His work within me. Thank you for your public and private support, Rae. Please keep me in prayer as I do you. I/we appreciate you.

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