The Power of Confession – 1 John 1:9

There is indeed something freeing about confessing a matter that seems just too hard to discuss or reveal.  To get right to the point, we often attempt concealing matters like rape, incest, molestation, drug usage/addiction, porn addiction, emotional/psychological challenges, and numerous other matters that impact us and/or our families directly.  We have, it seems, been conditioned to present ourselves and things associated with us as “perfect” and unchallenged by the issues of life.

Personally, I have found that by not acknowledging these demons, a person’s future becomes so limited in terms of depth of relationships, willingness to love and give of oneself, etc.  Even how an individual relates to and raises his/her own children is impacted by confession (or the lack thereof).

We give space and place to the enemy (Satan) when we do not expose him through confession and by simply talking to God about the issues in general:

The power we give the enemy comes through failing to expose him within our lives.  Likewise, when we commit ourselves to sin and attempt covering it up, Satan embraces us and encourages us to continue in that sin to no end.  And isn’t it amazing that even though we submit to that particular sin, we NEVER acknowledge our involvement on our professional résumés?  We NEVER stand up at family reunions and say, “Hey, here is my list of sins!”  In other words, we shun our sins, walking in condemnation and possessing little-to-no power or authority against the enemy due to our SHAME.

Ask the Lord, as I did, to help you shed the unnecessary weight of sin.  Ask Him to reveal to you YOUR process for confessing and also YOUR process for FORGIVING all involved in your situations (including forgiving yourself).  I guarantee if you ask Him, He will direct you to someone or some thing that will allow you the release you need and desire—I tested Him on this just recently.  God desires us to be FREE from any and everything that controls us in such a way that our righteousness is challenged.

YOU will not be the first of His creation to confess sins, and you won’t be the last.  In other words, God is so accustomed to our great need to confess and to be cleansed that He has given us commands to do so (as referenced by scripture above).  Follow His directions and receive your freedom; receive your power; receive your healing and deliverance; and—most of all—receive His glory in your life.

There is POWER in CONFESSION!  In Jesus’ name, Amen!


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