Just Go to the Beach…

Even though I am just as sinful in words, thoughts, and deeds as the next person, I can in no way disregard the AWESOMENESS of our God.  I’ve just got to PRAISE Him for ALWAYS delivering on His word.

Okay, here’s the story–

I Peter 5:7 tells us: Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you (NIV).  I have practiced doing this now for a few years—and even though it’s a process—it’s worth arriving at the place in your lives when/where you are able to simply release things and JUST GO TO THE BEACH.

So, on Tuesday, I had no “professional” work to conduct, as the grant-based project on which I was working ended Monday.  With nothing pressing at that moment, I asked the Lord to order the steps of my day.  What came to my spirit was to simply go to the beach. So, I dressed in a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, a button down short-sleeved short that wasn’t worn a lot at all during the day, and a pair of flip flops.  I also carried my backpack in which I had one of my favorite books by Pastor Mark Batterson.  Once I got to Oceanside (coastal beach town near where I live), I released the things that were tempting me with concern: When the next work project would start and would the pay be equivalent or more than the previous project? Will the kids get moved here before the school year starts? Will the kids even end up moving here at all? Will my housing situation change soon, considering that I do not currently have all the money I desire to have for an upgrade?

Upon walking down the stairs to come eye-to-eye with the waves that were dancing about enticingly that day, I went to the sand, removed the button-down shirt and spread it on the ground beneath me.  There, I began to people-watch and then to read my book.  The chapter the Lord had me to focus on was Get A Testimony.  As God would have it, just by my obedience to cast my cares upon Him and to heed his voice by relaxing and enjoying the gift of beautiful weather and a no-pressure day, He was building more of my testimony than I even realized.

After soaking up the message from the book and reflecting on God’s goodness (which acted as a reminder that all I have been praying to Him about is nothing I need to be concerned about; I just have to continue trusting Him and focusing on the things He’s having me to do now), I then got up and walked out to the water to play.  I enjoyed the moments so much that I forgot about ANY of the things that were on my mind previously.

As God would have it (LOL), after I left the beach and finally got back to my laptop, I discovered that my case manager with whom I have been working since I came to California had sent me an E-mail stating that the organization is willing to assist me with a housing grant to cover my costs for security deposit and first month’s rent, and perhaps even more…let’s just see what God’s going to do.  I was told to simply find a place as soon as possible and then let the organization know.  HALLELUJAH! Here’s what you need to understand: this same organization told me just a few weeks ago that the funds for this were exhausted and no longer available.

God’s timing–as you know–is simply awesome!!  I am now working on projects that reflect my background and allowing me to operate within my first calling, which is teaching. Also, I am able to write and give testimony through this blog.  Most of all, I am learning through each and every experience that God’s word to me and His instructions are true and to be followed.  He blesses us when we trust Him and follow His instructions.

So, I encourage all of you to simply go to the beach when you are being tempted to worry yourselves with concerns that need to be given to the Lord so that He can respond to your prayers and provide for you as He desires within His timing.


Have a blessed, safe 4th of July holiday! In Jesus’ name, Amen!


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