The Haves and Have Nots: Even When I Don’t Have, I Have

New International Version
(Philippians 4:12)

I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.

It has become clear–abundantly clear–that God’s people do not possess a lot of Earthly riches necessarily.  In fact, the Lord has shown me the significance of letting things go in order to be free from cares–things that would ultimately distract me from the work He has called me to perform in His name.  Now, I am not suggesting that we are to be deprived materially and struggling continuously.  However, I can say emphatically that only God (the Lord) knows the path He has established for each of His children.  As a result, I am in no position to speak on His plan for anyone, myself included.  In other words, I speak as Jesus spoke to the Father by saying, “…nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.” (Luke 22:42)

The Lord gives to each of us the measure of everything/anything required–according to His will–for us to complete with success the course set before us for His glory.  Being well on my way along the path of my journey, I relate with Paul–whom the Father used to present the book of Philippians to us–in that I understand what it is to have much of many things and much of no things.  I know, personally, what it is to have a lot of money and what it is to have a lot of no money.  Just like many of you, I also understand what is to have the illusion of stability only for TRUTH to strip the illusion away, allowing for a new/deeper pursuit of understanding and wisdom.  That understanding and wisdom I reference is–without doubt–the Word of God and the Holy Spirit, which provide the contentment with my current state—-whatever it may be.

The newness we receive in Christ literally transforms our thinking.  And we need to understand that Christ-mindedness IS NOT based on some mental exercises and activities prescribed in a self-help book.  In fact, the mind of Christ is such that the self becomes non-existent; God, the Father, through Christ becomes the only focus.  And in focusing on Him alone, all emotional, financial, familial, educational, professional, physical, and spiritual needs are met in abundance.

Allow me, please, to pose a few questions in order to support the point here:

  • Who else allows a family with no income to live legally in a $1800/month leased home for an entire year WITHOUT having to pay a dime and without being evicted AND having an amicable relationship with the owner?
  • Who else allows all the utilities (lights, gas, etc.) to remain on during that year with only a sporadic payment history?
  • Who else allows that same family to sleep and eat well and lack nothing (no thing)?
  • Who else grants true peace of mind and spiritual stability during periods in life that cause others to fall?
  • Who else gives a man peace about literally taking his entire wardrobe and giving every stitch of clothing to unknown/unseen persons without any regard for where he will receive his own next change of clothing?
  • Who else ensures that provisions are given for the one who leaves all that he knows, including the well-paying job, in pursuit of the true calling and direction that beckons him?
  • Who else raises up ministers and priests and teachers from alleys, homeless shelters, drug houses, and penal institutions?
  • Who else restores that which seemingly had been taken away?

God takes care of His children regardless the situation in which we are involved.  If God has called you to a particular place, a particular situation, TRUST that He has gone before you and has placed ALL provisions (emotional, financial, familial, educational, professional, physical, and spiritual) that you need in the right place for you at the appropriate time; He knows you will need them.

All-in-all, my brothers and sisters, I am simply reiterating Paul by encouraging each of you to…


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