Basic Instructions to Follow When Encountering Perfect People…

INSTRUCTIONS: Keep Moving; They Are Only Figments of Your Imagination!

The Prayer

Father, in the name of Jesus, the spirit of comparison is bound up, and we loose the spirit of PEACE, which is you, according to your Word in Matthew 18:18.  Lord, we set our eyes on Christ and Christ alone so that the distractions of the enemy cannot affect us.  Lord, forgive us for sometimes thinking we can make ourselves look better, feel better, act better, or any thing else without YOUR involvement.  Lord, we claim VICTORY over the enemy’s tactic of tempting us to compare ourselves to other people.  Father, help us to see your gifts in us; guide us straight to your heart and show us/teach us who we are according to YOUR design and purpose for our lives.  We desire to be Godly examples for our children; we desire being Godly examples for everyone around us.  But most of all, Lord, we desire to please you.  So, help us, Lord.  In Jesus’ name we ask, believe, and receive–AMEN!


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