How to Increase the Value of Something Old — Wait on God!

As I am reading Pastor Mark Batterson’s book, Draw the Circle: The 40 Day Prayer Challenge (Zondervan 2012), the Lord has given me a revelation about His timing and the “value” of things.  Let me explain.

Pastor Batterson speaks of God’s timing within the “Day 23: Not Now” chapter of the book.  He details how God’s delay to allow his family to move into a new home they sought blessed them beyond their expectation.  Recognizing their need for a larger home, they bid on the new house only to have the bid rejected.  However, the Lord’s plan allowed for an amazing series of events that led to them attaining the house (read the book to get the details; it’s worth it).  Pastor Batterson’s own God-inspired words will help make the point:

Now here’s the icing on the cake.  By waiting a year to buy the house,      

our house actually went up in value by 10 percent because the real estate

market in D.C. had rebounded. So we got our dream house for the same   

amount of money and sold our old house for a lot more money than we    

would have a year earlier!  It was definitely worth the wait.  And tithing  

on the sale of our house was one of the easiest checks we’ve ever written   

because God’s hand of blessing was so evident.  (131)                                      

At this point, I could focus on the significance of tithing, but that’s not the revelation God has given me.  Likewise, I could focus on the fact that the Lord blessed the Batterson Family according to Ephesians 3:20 – “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.”  However, that’s not the revelation either.

What the Lord had me to focus on was the new value of the old house.  Here’s what the Holy Spirit spoke directly to my heart: Even that which is old, used, and familiar can increase in value.  This is possible with us as humans when we allow Christ to cleanse us and re-shape us; we become new.  And just as the Holy Spirit always does for me, I was given God’s Word immediately to substantiate that which was placed on my heart:

Praise God!  We–as old, worn-down/low-down, sinful humans–can actually increase in value through Christ!

Haven’t we seen testimonies of such before?  Yes, we have!  For example, do you remember that girl who was quite promiscuous back in the day and looked “trashy” and “unkempt”?  Remember her?  Well, have you seen her some years later since she received Christ?  Dude, she is the most inwardly and outwardly attractive woman in the neighborhood now, and she has a stable, blessed home.  Her value increased.  Do you remember that dude who was strung out on crystal meth about five years ago?  Sure, you do!  He was the one standing on the street corner tweeking just about every day.  Girl, have you seen him lately?  He looks handsome–tall, slim, clear skin, white teeth, beautiful smile, and always well-dressed!  He’s a deacon at his church and leads a neighborhood men’s group that focuses on healing and restoration.  His value increased.

God is teaching and reminding me personally every single day that His timing is required in such transformations.  I mean, let’s be real about it: even changes within ourselves take some time.  So, I am learning to trust the Lord for the changes He is making in me, in others around me, and in situations I’ve given to Him in prayer.  So, then, as a reminder to all of us–don’t give up on that girl or that dude.  In fact, don’t give up on yourself or your family members, friends, enemies.  Don’t give up on that situation.  God, who is able to resurrect the DEAD, can definitely revive and add immeasurable value to that which we thought lacked value. Amen.  Just wait on His timing!

Now, if you find that waiting is an arduous task and that you lack strength to wait, I’m here to tell you that you will gain the strength you need as you wait.  Don’t you think the increase to your value is worth the wait?







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