Warring Against Spirits, NOT People (Part 4 – Conclusion)

At the dinner table about three or four evenings after the encounter, this brother apologized for his behavior and began to confess some things that have been challenging him.  He also informed me that he knew better, being that he was the son of  a minister.  To the glory of God, he called out the spirit of pride within himself.  All I had to do was sit back and listen.

Interestingly, the Holy Spirit had whispered to me about apologizing just before the brother spoke.  I asked the Holy Spirit within my heart “Why should I apologize?”  Yet, after this brother offered the apology placed on his heart, I heard the Holy Spirit again telling me to offer an apology, which I did (not with the best heart initially).  As we talked more, the very points that we attempted making the evening of the altercation became clear, and we both benefitted from the other’s point of view.

Since this conversation of reconciliation, the brother and I talk often when in each other’s presence.  He recently came to me with a prayer request regarding a sensitive matter which, according to him, requires more humility on his part.  Again, by the grace of God, this brother realized that humility is part of the lesson he’s being taught right now.  The Lord allowed me to encourage him through testimony of my own walk in and towards humility.

The moral to this story overall is: God Prevails.

By simple obedience to the Holy Spirit to keep quiet and be still regarding the encounter with this brother, the Holy Spirit has allowed for several positive exchanges between this brother and myself.  The Lord gave me grace to move out of the way so that He could work the situation according His will.  He did!!!  Not only was the brother dealt with through this situation, but so was I.

Fighting battles God’s way is strategic, for He knows the anticipated outcome.  I am thankful that my flesh did not rise up to attempt fighting as I did years ago–physically, verbally–as these methods can be quite destructive.  The Lord worked something within the hearts of both this brother and me through this series of events. In fact, I believe another positive impact is that the same people who witnessed the negative exchange that occurred are now witnesses to the reconciliation that has taken place, and they must bear witness that Jesus still remains the center of the conversations in which we participate.  I saw one lady look upon us with admiration the other evening as we were all laughing and discussing the Lord.  She, I believe, saw what the Lord can do when we simply realize that He is the greater one and that we are to fight His way, not our own.  And He does things quickly (as He did in this matter), if He so chooses.



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